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The Top Definition of Y W

The most popular meaning of Y W is: you're welcome

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What is Y W?

Y W is you're welcome

Y W Means

The definition of Y W is "you're welcome".

Y W Definition

The meaning of Y W

Y W means you're welcome.

Now you understand the definition of Y W - Y W means "you're welcome".

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  1. YMW - You're Most Welcome
  2. YQW - You're Quite Welcome
  3. YQW - Your Quite Welcome
  4. YFW - Your Face When ...
  5. YNW - you know what
  6. YNW - You're Not Welcome
  7. YAW - You Are Welcome
  8. YVW - You're Very Welcome
  9. YW - You're Welcome
  10. YBW - You've Been Warned
  1. 459 - 459 means burglary. It's a slang word usually used
  2. :{) - Happy with a moustache
  3. AWW - Any Which Way
  4. B) - Smiley with sunglasses
  5. BAE - A word to use if you really want to annoy someone
  6. BLARG - a word that one yells either because you r mad sad
  7. BMW - Big Money Waster
  8. CATFISH - somebody who creates a fake online identify usuall
  9. CMW - cutting my wrists
  10. CRACKER - another slang term similar to "red neck", often re