What does BAE mean?

1) Big And Extraordinary 2) Beautiful And Elegant 3) Business And Enjoyment

Other definitions of BAE:

  • 1.A term for the following:girlfriend/boyfriend,bestfriend, someone you find cute or attractive,someone your "talking" to. 2.Before Anyone Else 3.Baby,babe,boo,etc.

  • A ghetto word used in place of babe or baby

  • a person that is your best friend and you get naked with

  • A Sexy Asian (Korean) Female

  • A word to use if you really want to annoy someone in your slang... Also if your trying to be Kool while using it your not.

  • acronym for Barium Enema. Barium symbol on Periodic table is Ba. BaE is a procedure performed in the Radiology Department.

  • All I know is that if "your" calling yourself a dictionary, "you're" 'way off base!

  • Babies Are Eating

  • Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering

  • Bacon and Eggs

  • Bacon and eggs.

  • BAE - Is an actual word. It is the Danish word for poop! It is so funny how it is being used on the internet for a loved one or a best friend

  • Bae is a best friend who likes someone

  • Bae is someone you like, girlfriend/boyfriend or husbin/wife, and finally could be a best friend

  • Bae is the abbreviation of babe

  • Bae is the danish word for poop

  • Bae means before anyone else as used in pharell Williams song, come get it bae


  • Bae- before anyone else

  • Before (Happily Ever) After Ends

  • Before almost everyone

  • Before anyone else

  • Before anyone else or your boyfriend or girlfriend

  • Big Arnold Eat's

  • Biggest ass ever

  • Boo And Everything

  • British Aerospace

  • bæ- before any one else. Commonly used to describe relate ships

  • delon is bae

  • It maens butts are everything

  • It means before after everyone

  • meaning of BAE: my bff katherine is BAE(A.K.A before anyone else)

  • My bff told me this boy I liked was my bae. I had no idea what it meant but I guess it means girlfriend/boyfriend????

  • Poop ????

  • Some you love

  • The term bae is poop. so your calling your girlfriend/boyfriend shit.

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How to use the term BAE:

  • "You're my bae."

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