Recently Updated Slang Terms

  • Nug Run

    An extraction process using on premium parts of the cannabis plant.

  • Zip

    Another term for one oz. of weed.

  • Trim Run

    Extraction process using the leftovers of a cannabis harvest, like the leaves and stems.

  • Pull ‘N’ Snap

    Ganja extract that snaps when you pull it apart.

  • Left Handed Cigarette

    A joint or any rolled marijuana cigarette.

  • Half

    Half of one ounce of cannabis.

  • Eighth

    An eighth ounce of marijuana (or any substance).

  • Cross Faded

    Being drunk and high (usually weed) at the same time, often to dramatic effects.

  • Can

    About one ounce of pot. Comes from loading tobacco cans with weed, in the old days.

  • Bhang

    Cannabis, pretty much in any form.

  • Shatter

    Very high THC marijuana concentrate.

  • QP

    Quarter Pound (most likely of weed)

  • Lid

    1 oz of bud

  • Ent

    A weed smoking enthusiast. Popularized by Reddit.

  • Dabs

    Marijuana concentrate, made through a chemical process.

  • Chiefing

    Smoking weed, lots of it and only the good stuff.

  • Budder

    High grade cannabis extract.

  • 40 Bag

    $40 worth of marijuana.

  • 20 Bag

    Container of $20 worth of weed.

  • SNMP

    So not my problem

  • Choice

    The best option.

  • Bomb Diggity

    Awesome or super cool; used to show pleasure with a thing.

  • Bag Your Face

    Shut up or leave; inquest to be quiet.

  • Val

    Valley girl or boy. Any hedonistic, materialistic person.

  • Illin’

    Vibing or relaxing to the utmost degree.

  • Gag Me With a Spoon

    Shows disgust.

  • Kicks

    a slang term which implies something is awesome or cool; similar to the use of the slang term "rocks"; a new pair of sneakers


    Not Now Chief, I'm In The F**King Zone

  • Juiced

    Happy, excited

  • Jet

    Leave quickly

  • BFF

    Best friend forever.

  • Chillin


  • Tubular

    Cool; most excellent.

  • Jeepers Creepers

    A exclamation used instead of saying "Jesus Christ!"

  • It’s Casual

    A permissive okay. Often used in response to an unneeded apology.

  • Here’s the Skinny

    Used when giving an explanation, especially if letting someone in on something secretive.

  • Gravy

    Cool or positive; used especially in a "fine-by-me" tone.

  • Gnarly

    Hard or difficult.

  • Egghead

    An intellectual or studious person. Smart aleck.

  • Copacetic

    Passable, often a state of mind. Relaxed or fine.

  • Cop a Feel

    To grope someone, often inappropriately.

  • Cats

    Shortening of the term "cool cat". Can be used to identify a person, whether cool or not.

  • Blitzed

    To be extremely drunk or hung over.

  • Apeshit

    To freak out so much that it's tempting to throw your poop around like an angry monkey.

  • Submarine Races

    Taking someone to the beach instead of make out point. You near the water and watch the submarines race (which is pretty uneventful, so you do something else to pass the time).

  • Narc

    Originally referred to "narcotics officers", but is now used to denote anyone who is there to snitch.

  • TBH

    Short for "To Be Honest"

  • Woke

    Awake / Aware of Power Structures - Being "Woke" means you are capable of thinking critically about society


    In case you missed it


    massively multiplayer online role-playing game - referring to a computer game that connects sometimes millions of players to an online gaming platform / community.

  • MMO

    Massive Multiplayer Online - referring to a computer game that connects sometimes millions of players to an online gaming platform / community.

  • PAP

    Post a picture - most commonly used on social media.

  • Triggered

    A sudden negative reaction to seeing, hearing or experiencing something upsetting or unsettling.

  • Orwellian

    Reminiscent of the dark, fictional work of writer George Orwell. Often used in reference to his dystopian account of a future totalitarian state in Nineteen Eighty-Four.

  • Basic

    Someone devoid of any defining characteristics that might make a person interesting, extraordinary or just simply worth one's attention.

  • RBF

    Resting Bitch Face - When you naturally relax your face and your expression makes you look angry, upset or displeased.

  • Clutch

    a positive affirmation.

  • NOP

    No Operation

  • FUX

    To try and fix; to mess around with to fix

  • Tight

    Good, Great, Exceptional

  • Shade

    Dismissive or acting without respect for someone

  • 45

    45 or forty-five, used when wanting to talk about Donald Trump without having to say the words "Donald trump"

  • LUV

    A more casual version of Love. Often used earlier in a relationship as to not scare your partner away by telling them you are in love with them.

  • FAM

    An abbreviation of Family. Used to refer to the people whom you consider closest to you.

  • OTP

    One True Pairing - a strong preference for two fictional characters to be portrayed together, romantically or otherwise.

  • GMT

    (1) Getting Me Tight - getting upset, frustrated or angry at a person or situation.

  • IMO

    In My Opinion - a term often used in social media. Dropping a quick IMO in before or after a bold statement can save you from many hours of debating a friend over a fairly pointless topic.

  • AF

    (1) As f***

  • SMH

    "shake my head"


    Disgusting, gross

  • B2B

    Business To Business

  • KUSH

    High grade marijuana

  • JPOP

    Japanese pop music

  • JK

    Just Kidding

  • GOTY

    Game of the Year

  • BNIP

    Brand New In Packaging

  • TH

    Trying Hard


    a picture of yourself, usually taken on a cell phone and posted online.

  • 420 FRIENDLY

    Cool with smoking pot or marijuana. Used in a lot of ads like Craigslist or to know what to bring before a party.

  • AOK

    All OK


    Best Fucking Friends For Life

  • FBM

    Fine by me

  • OVA

    Original Video Animation

  • NEWB

    someone who is new

  • BAE

    1) Big And Extraordinary 2) Beautiful And Elegant 3) Business And Enjoyment

  • PMS

    Pre Menstrual Stress




    Booty dance

  • CIF

    Can't Imagine Farting


    do you like oral sex

  • THOT

    That Ho Over There


    Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition

  • GEE


  • RATS


  • SHB

    Should Have Been

  • REF


  • RLY


  • O/O

  • -*


  • .MIL

    Top level domain for the military