What does THOT mean?

That Ho Over There

Other definitions of THOT:

  • A thot is someone who gets ran through almost every second of da day

  • A girl who sleeps w every one

  • a skanky hoe

  • a THOT is a girl who makes her self look available to have sex and every body thinks is cute. a girl who has a new crush everyday.

  • A thot is a woman who seeks attention from men formaybe money drugs or attention. Low self eesteemed chiks!

  • A whale

  • A woman or girl who gives deep head

  • Another word for HOE!!

  • It means someone that used be me but Ive changed since then it is someone who disrescpects herself and shows the world her business.

  • Its actually an acronym for the sentence: Thanks for Helping Out Today

  • She a hoe

  • Someone who wants to be with every single guy that she knows.

  • That Hoochie Over There

  • THAT HOE OVER THERE also a women or girl that will sleep with every guy or date everybody or has been around

  • That Hoe Over There... a chick with no self respect who makes it obvious that she would sleep with everyone; a woman who has multiple partners and participates in sexual acts with many people

  • That Thottie Over There.

  • That ugly hoe over there

  • Thirsty Hating Old Trick

  • Thirsty Hoe On Twitter

  • Thirsty hoe out tricking.

  • THOT really means That Hoe Out There......also another word for a girl that's hoe-ish and slutty


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How to use the term THOT:

  • Ya mammy is a thot.

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